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Ensure that the DP has instructions to either delete or return all the personal data to the controller after the end of the provision of services relating to processing, and deletes existing copies unless the law states otherwise. Impose an obligation on the DP to make available to the DC all information necessary to demonstrate compliance with the obligations laid down in the GDPR. Ensure that the DP allows for and contributes to audits, including inspections, conducted by the DC or another auditor mandated by the DC.

Ensure that the DP and, where applicable, its representatives, are contractually bound to cooperate, on request, with the supervisory authority i. K in the performance of its tasks. Be generally familiar with the GDPR and the obligations weighing on you as a professional who processes personal data on behalf of another organisation , and make sure your qualifications and infrastructure are up to scratch. In this blogpost, we aim to summarize the most important elements of our webinar to give you a comprehensive picture of everything you should know about a DPA.

Everything you need to know about a Data Processing Agreement

A data processing agreement DPA is a legally binding document to be entered into between the controller and the processor in writing or in electronic form. It regulates the particularities of data processing — such as its scope and purpose — as well as the relationship between the controller and the processor. The GDPR requires data controllers to take measures to ensure the protection of personal data they handle.

If data controllers decide to outsource certain data processing activities, they must be able to demonstrate that their suppliers and sub-processors also provide sufficient guarantees to protect the data and act in a GDPR compliant manner.

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If you are a controller and, as a result of outsourcing, you wish to transfer your data to a third-party, for example a cloud provider, you need to sign a DPA with that third party. The GDPR regulates data processing in a broad manner. It says that any operation performed on personal data amounts to processing. For example, the acts of collecting, storing, disclosing or erasing personal data are all considered processing and fall under the GDPR.

Hence, it is important to choose processors that implement sufficient measures to minimize the risk of a data breach. Furthermore, processors should also take sufficient measures to decrease the effect of a breach and to inform you in due course. Accordingly, you should check how the processor will use the data you transfer to it; whether it is in accordance with your contract or whether the processor intends to use the data for its own purposes. Accordingly, under the GDPR, such content is not deemed to be personal data from our perspective.

However, when providing our services, we process certain non-encrypted data including personal data relating to the users administered by our users e.

With respect to such limited data, we act as a data processor. The latter question is something that has to be assessed on a case by case basis, with the involvement of a legal counsel. However, if you run a business and use Tresoirt for business purposes, and you, your partners or employees are located in the EU, it is very likely that you are subject to the GDPR. You need to be a Subscription Owner to be able to access billing details and initiate the DPA-signing process.

All contractual regulations in the contract chain must also be imposed on the other subcontractor. The technical and organisational measures of subcontractors must comply with the technical and organisational measures defined herein and may only fall below the level agreed herein in justified circumstances.

It has the right to convince itself of the adherence to this Agreement by the Contractor in its business operations by means of random sample controls that must generally be announced in a timely manner and 14 days beforehand at the latest. The Contractor is obliged to share with the Client, upon request, the required information and in particular demonstrate the implementation of the technical and organisational measures. This includes, inter alia:.

The basis for the calculation of the remuneration is the Service Agreement or the general remuneration rates of the Contractor for comparable activities. The Contractor is entitled to discontinue the implementation of the corresponding instruction until it is confirmed or changed by the Client. Exceptions are backup copies, if they are necessary to guarantee proper data processing, and data that is necessary in terms of adherence to statutory retention obligations.

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The same applies for test and scrap material. It may transfer it to the Client for its relief at the end of the Contract.

Suitable Recitals

The point of contact on the part of the Client, and also for data protection, is generally the point of contact named as the billing contact; this can be changed or added to at any time by the Client. The point of contact on the part of the Contractor is its respective data protection officer, which can be reached at dataprotection inloox.

Procedure for regular review, assessment and evaluation Art.

go here See also the references to the current state of the measures for each respective subcontractor in Appendix 2. General practice. Microsoft has taken the following security measures for the online services, and will maintain and follow them. In connection with the security obligations in the OST, these security measures represent the individual responsibility of Microsoft in relation to the security of customer data:. Checking of online services by Microsoft For every online service, Microsoft carries out the following checks regarding computer security, data processing environments and physical data centres that it uses to process customer data including personal data :.

The Microsoft test report will clearly disclose the significant findings of the examiner. Microsoft will immediately rectify all problems detected in a Microsoft test report, to the satisfaction of the examiner. The Microsoft test report is subject to the confidentiality and distribution restrictions of Microsoft and the examiner. The firewall s must be able to effectively perform thefollowing functions: stateful inspection, logging, support for strong encryption and hashing, ICMP and SNMP based monitoring and antispoofing.

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In addition, SendGrid will implement access control processes and restrict access to operating system configurations based on the least privilege principle. SendGrid will implement critical patches within vendor recommended timeframes on systems that host or handle Personal Data, not to exceed 30 days after the patch is identified.

2 Scope and duration of the data processing

SendGrid will implement critical patches within vendor recommended timeframes on all applications that host or handle Personal Data, not to exceed 30 days. SendGrid will employ an end point security or antivirus solution for end user computing devices that handle Personal Data.